Workout Competition Ideas For Runners

workout competition ideas

You’ve all heard rumblings from gym members, gym partners, or personal trainers that say that there is no workout competition because the person who does it is already too big or too strong. You might also have heard that a workout competition is stupid because the people who enter such competitions don’t train hard enough. You may have heard that doing workout competition is cheating. Maybe you’ve also heard that it’s pointless and a waste of time and energy. If you have these thoughts about workout competition you need to re-think those thoughts.

An Overview

I’m going to give you some workout competition ideas that are sure to fire up your competitive fire. These workout ideas aren’t just my own, I’m talking from experience. I’ve done both competitive workouts in gym class and I’ve done plenty of workouts in community settings where there were dozens of other participants. These workout competition ideas will surely spice up your workout routine.

One of the best workout competition ideas is to do a one-minute set. This will allow you to gauge how hard you’re going to have to work for the entire workout. Sometimes when I’m doing a really tough workout, I’ll do a one-minute set and just rest for a minute before doing another set. That way I can really evaluate how intense I am really pushing myself. Resting between sets is a good way to make sure you’re not overworking yourself, and it allows you to have a better gauge of how you’re actually matching up against the other participants in your group.

Workout Competition Ideas

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Another one of my favorite workout competition ideas is to do a high-volume set of repetitions with low reps. This is good because it forces you to really push yourself and you can literally exhaust yourself as you’re working out. If you do your reps slowly it can be very tempting to keep going. However, you’ll find that if you let yourself rest for a minute between reps you can prevent this cycle from starting.

A great workout competition idea that gives you an even better gauge of how effective your workout is to do a shorter workout. In a shorter set you won’t get as much of a cardiovascular workout. However, you will still be able to test how your body responds to a workout. You can also vary the distance you go during your workout. If you start out with fifty pounds and you go up two miles during your workout, you can pretty much figure out just how your body is going to respond.

There’s also the fact that you’ll be forced to use your hardest workout. If you’re doing your workout at home you won’t have to deal with a spotter and chances are he won’t be there to help you either. You’ll just have to focus on yourself. However, if you’re doing a workout in a gym you may run into another person, or worse yet, an instructor who will be working right next to you. These people can be very distracting and may keep trying to talk you into using more weight or using a particular exercise.

One of the best workout competition ideas is to give yourself time to rest. Your muscles need time to rebuild themselves after a grueling workout. When you force yourself to workout right after a tough workout, you weaken your body and could have some serious consequences. Give yourself at least 48 hours to recuperate and you’ll see a huge difference in the results you achieve.

Bottom Line

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The best thing about a competition is, you can enter it whatever you want. If you think you’re up for it you could enter a one-week workout competition. You’ll be put in a group of other runners who’ve been training for a similar event and you’ll have one week to prove yourself. You’ll get to run at your own pace and you might just find yourself with the winning ticket. Just don’t forget to check on the weather, you don’t want to rain during the race!

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