The Correct Way to Perform the Overhead Triceps Extension

overhead tricep extension

The seated overhead tricep extension or simply the overhead tricep lift is a great movement that develops optimal muscle and functional strength in the triceps, forearms, chest and back muscles. Now, this movement is already a preferred exercise for generating maximum gains in the muscle group, but you have to utilize proper technique and take caution for maximum effectiveness and safety. This exercise is also known as the flat dumbbell lift and is done by bending your knees and leaning forward at the waist. This exercise can be easily performed at home and has even become popular as a fitness apparatus. You can do the overhead tricep extension by lying flat on your back with a flat and firm stomach.

Know The Process

Step up with your feet apart and line your hands on top of each other with your palms facing upwards. Your arms should be extended and not pointing straight upwards as in the bench press exercise. Make an effort to keep your elbows pointing downwards throughout the exercise and contract your triceps to fully extend your arms upper body triceps. As in the flat dumbbell lift, bend your knees slightly and your elbows should be able to keep your elbows in position throughout the exercise. Hold for ten seconds and repeat twice.

Standing barbell overhead tricep extension or the dumbbells overhead tricep extension can also be executed using the standing stance. Your feet should be wide enough to accommodate your body weight when your legs are extended. Let your arms straighten and contract for two seconds and then return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise until you are unable to finish the reps.

In addition to developing huge upper body strength for the shoulders and arms, a weighted overhead tricep extension can help build leaner, more defined abdominal muscles. This is because the heavier load you use to support your body in the standing position forces the abdominal muscles to work harder. This will result in firmer, more toned abs that will add a trimmer appearance to your midsection.

There is no single best over the top tricep exercise. Every muscle group will benefit from a unique exercise routine. You need to find the ones that are most effective for each muscle group and do them consistently and regularly in order to see the greatest results. For example, if you want to develop bigger, stronger shoulder width apart shoulder then you should perform overhead tricep extensions with higher reps. On the other hand, if you want to develop a wider, thicker chest then you would do dumbbell presses.

Final Words

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Performing these exercises every other day should produce the best results. As stated before, you need to ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly. Do not overdo this exercise by doing these one’s too many times. If you do overdo it, then you may only end up hurting yourself.

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