Dumbbell Back Exercise For A Better Shape

dumbbell back exercises

Dumbbell exercises can quickly help you grow your muscles and get a broader look and more muscle back. Instead of always focusing on front dumbbell exercises, you should also focus on dumbbell back exercises.

So now onwards, dedicate your time and sweat to building your back muscles. Your back should give an aggressive look.

So here are some of the best dumbbell back exercises you can practice.

Bent-Over Row

Dumbbell Back

Just freeze your body for now and let your arms do all the work. Stand up with your knees slightly bent. Now reach down to hold the two dumbbells.

Now keep your upper arms parallel to your body, lift them up and slowly take them down.

This exercise would help your upper back gain strong muscles.

Romanian Deadlift

Dumbbell Back

Try to lift your back muscles with your dumbbells. Now stand with feet hip-width apart and hold two dumbbells with both hands.

Now bend the band, lower yourself with the hips, keep the torso forward, and feel the stretch in your hamstrings.

Now hold for some time and return by squeezing your glutes at the top.


This one is the most simple and effective exercise which one can practice. Place your feet shoulder apart, let the dumbbells hang at your sides with elbows bent.

Now maintain this posture and shrug your shoulders up towards your ears, pulling your shoulder blades back and down.

Hold for around 2 seconds and repeat the exercise while lowering the dumbbells.

Incline Bench Row

Find a bench or stool with a 30-45 degree inclination. Now lie on it, hold two dumbbells and hang them down.

Now try to lift your body, rowing your shoulder blades.

Lateral Pullovers

This one is the best exercise one can do as it has a duo function; it affects the back and triceps, both the muscles simultaneously.

Lie on the floor with your knees slightly bent and shoulders width apart on the floor.

Hold two dumbbells and lower them towards the floor just behind your head by pressing them through the chest.

Now try to maintain your arms in line with the torso.

Now raise the weight above your chest with a slight bend in the elbow by engaging your laterals.

Pause for around 3 seconds and repeat the same.

Lying Lateral Raise

you can only do this one out by lying on a 30-degree inclined bench. Lie on the bench, keep your chest down and hold two dumbbells hanging.

Now raise both the arms out of a 90-degree angle from the sides by squeezing the shoulder blades.

Pause for a second and repeat.


The name sounds weird, but the exercise is worth it. Now keep your shoulder-width apart and hinge at your hips.

Further, hang the dumbbells exactly straight down from the shoulders. Keep your back straight and pull the shoulder blades.

Now keep your elbows at your shoulder height and raise the arms in front of you, pointing towards the sky.

Final Words

These were some of the best dumbbell back exercises you can practice. You must exercise 5 times a week to have a great shape and physique.

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