Best Quad Workouts of all Time

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One muscle group that I believe doesn’t get the respect or credit it truly deserves is the quadriceps. This muscle group, which makes up the front of your thigh and knee, helps to control all sorts of movements including leg extension exercises such as squats and lunges. It also plays a role in keeping our knees stable and healthy – both important considerations for anyone who loves training legs. If we can train our quads to grow larger and stronger and improve their stability and endurance, we’ll be able to build stronger knees and better support for our lower body as a whole! That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re doing everything possible to ensure your quads are getting worked from angles, especially those most frequented by bodybuilders.

Best Quadriceps Exercises for Bodybuilding

1) Squats:

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With squats, not only are you working your quads, but you’re building up the entire lower body including the glutes and hamstrings. That’s why this exercise is one of the best quad workouts that can be done at home or in a gym without equipment. I like to superset these with straight sets of leg extensions. Why? Because they allow me to start my workout stimulation with my weaker muscle group first while still getting both done quickly thanks to the assistance of machines

2) Leg Presses:

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The tendency in general in the bodybuilding world has been to go lighter and higher in reps (with squats and deadlifts). However, I like to set my machines for a heavier load and a shorter range of motion. This allows me to work my quads even harder while still getting some amazing conditioning benefits, working on building explosive power, and working for multiple muscle groups at once! While this list is by no means exhaustive it does include the best quad exercises for beginners up to advanced bodybuilders looking for new ways to stimulate their muscles into growth.

3) Lunges:

The nice thing is that you can handle the very heavyweight on the leg press machine while still getting a serious stretch in your quads, which provides some good time under tension without having to do reps. Some people feel squats are much better for this role, but after trying both I find it’s easier to use machines when utilizing this technique! That being said, bodybuilders have been doing squats for decades so there’s no reason you can’t try them out too! You may even prefer them over lunges and machine work, it just comes down to personal preference in the end.

4) Leg Extensions:

I like to superset my leg extensions, which isolate the quads pretty well, with hamstring curls. This allows me to get a good stretch in my thighs while still working hard and keeping a lot of tension on the muscle at all times! One thing you’ll notice about this list is that I’m trying to build a quad workout from the bottom up meaning, I start with isolation exercises where you can use heavy weight and low reps before working into compound movements for maximum hypertrophy. In other words, don’t be afraid to go heavy on your machine work even if it isn’t “bodybuilding style”, using lighter weights higher reps often becomes somewhat boring and stagnant if not combined with other training techniques.

5) Leg Curls:

I like to superset my standing calve raises with leg curls because this allows me to get a lot of stimulation in both areas without having to do these exercises back-to-back. It also makes for a great pump while ensuring you’re still getting a good workout done, especially if you’re one of those guys who gets bored easily. This is something that I’m guilty of myself, which may be why I try to change things up all the time! It also prevents your muscles from forgetting what they just did so they can perform better the next time around, which brings us to our final exercise on the list.

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