Best Dumbbell Back Exercises to Help You Build Muscle

back workouts

Are back workouts necessary for building muscle? For many fitness enthusiasts, the answer is a resounding yes! Back exercises are an integral part of any exercise plan. In fact, back exercises are one of the most neglected areas when it comes to a full-body workout. The main reason is that these exercises are viewed as “lower back strengthening exercises” rather than upper back and chest exercises that are more important for building overall fitness levels and improving health.

One reason back workouts are not looked at nearly as much as chest and arm exercises is that they take longer to complete. This means that instead of having a set number of reps for each set or series of reps, you must allow for more rest between sets. Some workouts may use only ten seconds of rest between sets. Other back exercises may require three minutes to perform. Because the rep count is much smaller per set, this means that it takes longer for your muscles to recover from a workout.

Back Workouts

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One exercise that does both, however, requires fewer rest periods but does not require as much work on your upper-body strength as other exercises would: the deadlift. For the purpose of this discussion, the deadlift is performed while standing. Deadlifting is performed by exerting force on the ground from either the back, hips, or legs. For the purposes of this discussion, we will assume that you use a barbell or dumbbell for deadlift deadlifts.

One exercise that is very useful for back workouts, as well as for overall upper-body strength building, is the lat pulldown. If you do not already know what a lat pulldown is, I will give you a quick definition. A lat pulldown is an exercise of raising your own body weight by exerting force against the floor through your feet. Ideally, you will be using a wall or a barbell to perform these exercises. There are a few different variations of the lat pulldown, and you can make them easier or more difficult depending on how strong or weak you are. Lat pulldowns are great for overall lower back training and should be incorporated into your back training routine.

A Much Ado

Other exercises that will help you build the strength and endurance in your back muscles are squats, step-ups, and chin-ups. You should perform these exercises on a regular basis, and you should also perform a high number of sets of each of these exercises. These exercises will help you get a lot stronger and more fit in a shorter period of time than it would take to do a whole month of back workouts with traditional weightlifting.

A good strength workout should include a variety of compound exercises with high rep ranges. When doing heavy compound exercises, you will be able to stimulate the most amount of muscle fibers simultaneously. Rep ranges are also important because they dictate how many times you can do an exercise. For example, if you are doing an exercise that requires you to do a rep range of eight, you can’t do it five times.

The best dumbbell back exercises to target your back muscles are squats, deadlifts, overhead press, chin-ups, pull-ups, pushups, lunges, and cleans. To help stimulate the development of your abdominal muscles, do crunches. To tone your biceps, do tricep kickbacks. For your forearms, you’ll want to do wrist curls and forearm bar dips.

Bottom Line

In terms of keeping your body guessing, focus on keeping it as unstable as possible. Low reps with short sets are a great way to keep your body unstable. Make sure to do these workouts over a full range of motion, making sure to take enough rest between reps and sets to allow for muscular recuperation. Also, focus on being careful not to overextend yourself. Your back workout routine needs to be challenging, but it shouldn’t be painful or overly intense to prevent you from getting the most out of your workouts.

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