Beginner Workout Routines For a Great Abdominal Workout

beginner workout routine

Building a beginner workout routine will be the most important part of any weight gain program. Unfortunately, many people who want to build muscle don’t know what they should do to get started. Here is a beginner workout routine that will give you a jump start on your new muscle building program.

Beginner Routine For The Biggest Muscles Lunges Are One Exercise That Will Have You Jumping At The Jumps In No Time! Perform one set of both the front and back lunges for at least two sets of twenty seconds each. Day 1: Lunges, twenty seconds on each side, then ten back to front, then ten sitting up next to the wall.

Squats At One Minute Intervals

Second Set Of exercises Squats At One Minute intervals. While doing this exercise, alternate legs for sixty seconds each. Do as many sets as you can. Day 2: Lunges Again, at one minute intervals.

Third Set Of exercises Squat and Deadlift for the abs. Both are great for toning the abs. Lie on the floor with your legs bent and feet flat on the ground. Lift up your upper body with your arms by raising your shoulder blades towards your head.

Fourth Set

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Fourth Set of exercises Now it’s time to get serious. You should have four sets of thirty seconds each for each of the following three exercises. Squats Two sets of fifteen reps each. Incline press ups Two sets of twelve reps each. Declined bench press ups Two sets of eight reps each. Situps Three sets of twenty reps.

Fifth Set of exercises Jump squats are for the lower body and should be part of your workout routine, even if you don’t do much deadlift or squat at all. This is an explosive movement that will get you moving and burn off calories fast. You want to recover quickly between sets. Rest is not needed between workouts.

Sixth Set

Sixth Set of workouts If you are a guy that doesn’t know how to train or just don’t know what is the best way to train then you need to learn how to train with perfect form. This is the only way to get results and avoid injury. Perfect form only takes a little time to develop. Start slow and make sure you always keep good form no matter what. Use light weights for your first workouts and grow into them.

Seventh Set of exercises Squats and deadlifts are essential for your workout routine and should be included as exercises in your first set of exercises. You want to build muscle fast not out of chance. They can be very tough at first, so focus on perfect form and keep a good diet. When you build muscle with exercises like this you will notice improvements in your body weight and in the way you look.

Bottom Line

These three sets of exercises will get you on your way to getting the great abs you want. When doing these three sets, make sure to keep the weight towards the front of your body. Also use proper form and make sure to take 60 seconds between each set.

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